Dear Philip,

For over a year now, the gorgeous rocker pictured on your card has graced our living room. The beauty of the design and craftsmanship make it an outstanding piece of art, so we have placed it prominently for the pleasure of seeing it. The greatest pleasure, however, is using it. With my chronic back pain, the rocker is easily the most comfortable place in our home for me to sit. Thus, the entire family knows it is “my” chair, although I try not to be too selfish! Thank you for the thoughtful care with which you made it to be so supportive as well as lovely. I could not be happier with it!

Warm regards,

Judith Marrow

I love my nightstand!

As one of my neighbors said,

it is one of the prettiest things

she has ever seen!

~ Cissy

Dear Phil,

Michelle and I want to express our gratitude and admiration for the quality, beauty, and function of the Morley Rocker you crafted for our wedding anniversary. Michelle sits in it nearly every day, reading a book in the sunshine that pours through our front window. Our 9 year old Asher often reads and rocks in the chair after school. Your chair exceeded my expectations in it’s function, as it rocks easily and smoothly and is light enough to move around the house with one arm. In my search for rocking chairs, it was difficult to find an artist who shared my desire for a functional rocker with a more modern, streamlined aesthetic. I am so happy to have found your website, and after our first conversation I knew you shared the vision of what I hoped the rocker would become. In a time when so much of what we see on the internet is suspicious or outright dubious, I appreciate the care you took to make sure we both had a realistic expectation of what this commission required and the associated costs. We have made hundreds of purchases over the internet over the years, but this was our first for custom woodworking. Your updates and photos of your progress reassured us that things were proceeding as planned and that we had selected a true artist for this custom furniture project. The only problem with the photos and updates is that they actually made us more impatient to see the final result! Quite literally, every guest that has come into our home since the delivery of the Morley Rocker has commented on its beauty and wanted to sit in it. They are always surprised by its comfort and functionality. It really is like having a sculpture in our living room! It’s construction and attention to detail are remarkable, and our family will treasure it for many years and generations to come. The cost of this level of craftsmanship was more than reasonable for this level of quality, and we hope to find other projects for us to collaborate on in the future…We would be honored to act as a client reference for you in the future should the need arise!


Michelle and Aaron Lentz

I own a very busy restaurant and bar in downtown Austin Texas and commissioned Philip Morley to build me 12 custom barstools. The challenge was, how do you build something beautiful that would stand up to the wear and tear of a restaurant and bar. The answer to that really came down to Phil’s approach to furniture making. While he excels at creating beautiful objects, what’s truly amazing about his work are the things you don’t see. The joinery, the inner workings and the custom jigs are all works of art in and of themselves. I love my barstools, and I love the fact that when my 5-month-old son comes of age, those very same barstools will be there to greet him. Philip Morley builds beautiful things that are built to last a lifetime, it’s as simple as that.

Ben Siegel

Banger’s Sausage House