sketchup image of James Krenov Style Sawhorse Project Plans

The Sawhorse Project

Krenov Style Sawhorses with Interchangeable Top

These sawhorses are in the style originally made popular by James Krenov with a few minor modifications. They are essential for any wood shop and are a great project for beginners and intermediate woodworkers looking to learning some great techniques. Unlike the trip-hazard splay-legged versions common to construction sites, these are light, portable, and have a small footprint. Their upright design allows for clamps and tools to pass through the middle without obstruction. The sawhorses can be positioned closer together for small glue-ups or other jobs, and they nest easily for convenient storage. They are great looking but man can they hold some weight.


Project Features

A modern take on James Krenov's sawhorse design

Interchangeable Top

Easily switch out and secure different tops for a variety of purposes. Sacrificial tops to cut through, tops with padding or tops with slots for clamps.

3 types of joinery

Bridle joints, wedged through mortise and tenons and perpendicular mortise and tenons all make for a strong and long lasting sawhorse.

Intermediate Project

This project contains several basic and intermediate woodworking techniques, 3 types of joinery and requires the use of some machines and hand tools.

sketchup image of amazing nesting sawhorses
Reversible Top

All tops are doubled sided. They use a reference hole, a brass insert and a threaded bolt to easily attach to the uprights.

Trestle Style Legs

Trestle legs allow for a small footprint that enables smaller glue ups and project assemblies.

Step-By-Step Plans

The Sawhorse project comes with downloadable plans containing a details cut list, measurements and scaled drawings.

James Krenov Style Sawhorse Project Build