The Morley Mortiser

This shop made mortising jig was originally designed by Philip Morley. This jig is easy to make, easy to use and is the perfect DIY tool to make clean, precise and repeatable mortises every time. The Morley Mortiser creates mortises for loose tenons to join parts together in multiple applications and angles. Don't want to start from scratch? Pick up a flat-pack Morley Mortiser at

man holding wood joint near workbench and jib

Project Features

A simple and effective mortising jig


Accurately set the sliding limiters to control the length of the mortise. Locking knobs allow for precise and repeatable cuts ever time.

Secure Clamping

Using MICROJIG's MatchFit Dovetail Clamps and a dovetail grooved clamping board allow for multi-functional and securing clamping.

Intermediate Project

This project contains several basic and intermediate woodworking techniques, includes multiple parts and hardware, and requires the use of some machines and hand tools.

line drawing of the morley mortiser
Sliding Top

Using a centering block, the center of the mortise can easily be aligned with the sliding top.

Sturdy Base

The strong and sturdy base is built to provide a safe work surface and can be clamped down to any workbench.

Step-By-Step Plans

The Morley Mortiser project comes with downloadable plans containing a detailed cut list, measurements, scaled drawings and directions.

Mortiser Parts and Materials

Parts Required:
  • Big Horn 19707B-5PK 5 Star Thru Knob 1/4 x 20 (5/PK)
  • Match Fit Dovetail Clamps
  • 1/4” diameter brad point drill bit
  • 3/8” diameter brad point drill bit
  • Guide bushing 5/8’’ O/D
  • 7/16” diameter Forstner bit
  • 5/16” diameter spiral router bit
  • 5/8” diameter straight router bit
  • Plunge-able 1/4” diameter spiral router bit
Materials Needed:
  • 1 sheet 5’x5’ x 3/4’’ Baltic birch plywood
  • 2 hex head bolts 1 3/4’’ x 1/4-20
  • 4 hex head bolts 1 1/2’’ x 1/4-20
  • 12 #8 x 1 1/4’’ wood screws
  • 4 #6 x 3/4’’ pan head wood screws
  • 4 fender washers 1/4’’ I/D