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One of a kind display case:
  • Walnut and Pear
  • Custom made brass LED bezels
  • Custom brass faceted pulls
  • Four handcut dovetail drawers with Hemlock bottoms
  • Glass walls and top

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This beautiful walnut case was designed to display unique pieces of art in an elegant way. This piece includes a pear parquetry bottom made from a pear tree that was salvaged in Austin. This salvaged wood inspired the parquetry herringbone pattern for the display setting that I felt needed to be fully on display. The piece includes four small drawers that adds a practical function and visually pleasing aesthetic as they are asymmetrically poised and contribute to the overall proportions of the piece. The custom constructed LED light bezels gives the piece a warmer feel.  The drawers include custom brass pulls, which were specially designed to highlight the thoughtful angles of the piece and to complement the brass bezels. There are over 200 hours of work in it from conception to fruition.


Shipping cost not included. Please contact for shipping quote.

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